Author-Rachel Kirwin

The Everly Place Series

Take Me Away


Did you ever have a childhood friend?

Your only friend...

One that drove you crazy but you craved more?

Clay Keller isn’t a little boy anymore 

And I’m certainly not a little girl. 

I need him, and I think he needs me, too! 

Iris Everly is trying to figure out her place in the world. A world that has caused her heartache, loneliness, and uncertainty of her future. When her sisters and the Keller boys return from college she is forced to face some of the pain from her past but it also allows her to open her heart to new possibilities and maybe even love.

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Take Me Back


Iris continues to struggle while trying to figure out her place in the world. Time is not her on side when it comes to rekindling her romance with her first love, and childhood friend, Clay Keller. The start of college and a new crowd bring new disasters that strike when she least expects it.

Iris begins to realize that running away from the rain only drives her deeper into the storm. Will she be able to accept the changes around her and chase her dreams with the man she loves or will they allow outsiders to steal their happy ever after?

Clay was so close to having it all—the woman he loves and the job he’s always dreamed of, but an unexpected accident causes a domino effect that cripples his plans. A chance encounter with someone new makes him question everything he thought he wanted and everything he thought he lost. 

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